Thanks for stopping by my name is Fatma Said, I am an Applied Linguist with an interest in (critical) sociolinguistics, language learning and use (especially bilingual language acquisition of Arabic) and theories of language and thought.

The blog name Arabizi is a popular term used among language researchers to refer to the merging of Arabic and inglizi (English) in conversation (both spoken and more so written). It has also come to specifically (even exclusively) mean the use of Roman letters and Arabic numbers (1-9) to represent Arabic script. I chose Arabizi as the blog name to show the dynamic and creative aspect of Arabic language in its present and past use by its speakers.  The posts always relate to the Arabic language in general, sometimes to Arabizi and increasingly to the current discussion on the “loss” or “perceived threat” the Arabic language is under. I also occasionally post on my own research. You can see my research and publications here and here.

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