Take my survey for Arabic-speaking bilinguals please!

Are you an Arabic speaker who also speaks other languages? If so, I would be very grateful if you took part in my survey for Arabic-speaking bilinguals. It is an in-depth survey that aims to understand how you as a bilingual learned your languages, what you think about those languages and how you use them in your everyday life.

This questionnaire is very important because it is the first of its kind to ask for such detail specifically to speakers of the Arabic language. I piloted the questionnaire last month and it is now ready to be completed. I made changes based on the suggestions offered to me by those wonderful volunteers who agreed to pilot it and spent a lot of time completing the questionnaire and filling out a detailed form with constructive feedback.

I have been given permission by the University of York to conduct this survey and I have all the ethical clearance required for this. If you would like to take part in this questionnaire please do so through this link (this can only be used once per person it has been programmed that way):


I do not want to give too much information about the questions so as not to influence how you will answer them. I ask only that you are as honest as possible and that you answer with as much detail as you can. I am confident that this questionnaire will offer important information about speakers of Arabic and that you will be the reason for such knowledge to come to light. So this is very exciting. So to end, thank you for reading this and thank you in advance if you have decided to take part.

Note: Once you start the survey you have 48 hours to complete it before it permanently deletes itself. 

The link againhttps://york.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_5ckZHrOL1PUARIV

thank you,

Fatma Said